Stop Hesitating! Let’s Adopt a Cat but not Buy It!

Stop Hesitating! Let’s Adopt a Cat but not Buy It!

Author: Jolie

It is heartbreaking when we can still see many abandoned cats on the street in such a modern city. No matter whether you buy a cat from the pet store or adopt it from a animal shelter, it’s not simply a transaction, but it’s a responsibility to be a good owner. In this blog, I would like to express that there are many advantages to adopting a cat than buying a cat. 


We are saving a valuable life when adopting a cat.

As usual, many found abandoned cats will be sent to the animal shelters or rescue groups. Due to the fact that the demand of having a pet is less, there are many cats waiting for an owner. Considering adopting a cat is a way to treat them as a new member of your family and to provide more vacancy for more animals that need a temporary shelter. Most importantly, it’s a proud and meaningful thing to help animals in need as well as providing them a new and warm family.


You are having the greatest cat ever!

Compared to cats from the pet store, some of them came from those factory-style breeding facilities with bad condition, pets are treated in an improper way and have a higher risk to get sick. But most of the animal shelters and rescue groups provide comprehensive body checks and medical treatments to all cats that they received, some of them are also house-trained, so it ensures you are owning a healthy, lovely and smart cat. People who are working in animal shelters and rescue groups will provide useful suggestions and recommendations to you.


Let’s stress out the message and influence your friends!

Action speaks louder than words, many pet stores are putting profit above the welfare of cats, and the improper treatments to cats like abuse is becoming a serious issue for us to concern. It’s time for us to face it and make the right choice, this little decision can change a cat’s life dramatically. Besides, adopting a cat costs you less as some expenses like housebreaking and training are included in the adoption price. Let’s share with your friends the secret of owning a lovely pet by saving your money.

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Let’s bring these poor cats back home! Be a responsible pet owner!
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