Cat Poached Egg Pad


Product Description

Size: 70×70×13cm

Weight:1.6kg(approximately )

Color: White&Yellow

Material: Flannel + Filled Polypropylene cotton


Cute and unique shape, perfectly match your cute pets.

The whole mat is made with super soft flannel and high-quality PP cotton, soft and comfortable.

Easy to Clean

✔️ Crystal fiber material, high resilience lining PP cotton

✔️ Machine washable and hand washable

Size: 70x70x13cm



Like humans, cats need plenty of rest and disrupted or lack of sleep can be detrimental to your cat’s health. Finding the right place to put those pet beds is important. It can be hard to get a cat to curl up in her new kitty bed, but these tips can help you find just the right place for your kitty to sleep. 💦 Just put an egg in the ground and it can be cooked~ This bed will not take up space, they can be compressed. 

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