Carrot twine cat climbing frame


✔️Pet cat toy interactive tree tower shelf climbing frame scratching sisal rope

✔️Hanging carrots can easily attract the attention and interest of cats and promote the movement of cats.

✔️It encourages cat movement to promote physical development and maintain health.

✔️Natural sisal will satisfy your cat’s natural itch and make it grind claws on the cat’s tree.

✔️Ideally, prevent cats from scratching furniture and keep cats happy.

Size: 10x8x27cm



Carrot twine cat climbing frame🥕
It allows your kitten to relax, exercise and entertain in the room without taking up too much space.

Color: as shown
Material: Sisal
Dimensions: about 27x 10 x 8 cm

Color: as shown
Length: about 22%
Material: Sisal

Packaging includes
1 cat climbing frame with 3 carrots🥕

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