About HKmeow


Know where you’re going

In three to five years, we would like our customers to give their cat the best and largest variety of meals and use appropriate ways to treat their pets, and also have a stronger sense of the concept of  ‘adoption don’t buy’. 


Give their cat the best and largest variety of meals:

We will provide different brands of cat foods and snacks, which the ingredients will show to the owners. All the products we posted are guaranteed safe and secure to consume by the cats. We also have the food categories for the owner to choose from, like by ages, breeds, and health status. 


Use appropriate ways to treat their pets:

Our website provides updated information on keeping cats of different ages, and the customers can follow the categories in our interface to follow the instructions. Other than the different ages, we provide different health needs for cats and the near-by clinic for the owners in case there are sudden issues.  In order to prevent the health issue of cats, there are some images showing the symptoms of the cats, which help the owners to figure out in an easier way, as well as the prevention methods. 

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