3 Cats Toys that should have to Buy

3 Cats Toys that should have to Buy

Author: Daniel

Cats love playing very much. Let’s make them happy by buying toys for them so that you can interact with them happily. Toys are also good tools for cat’s mental and physical stimulation. Let us share some reasonable and interesting toys to you!


1st Cats toy: Tower of tracks

This is a recent popular cat toy. It includes three levels of circular tracks, and there is a bright-colored ball in each track. This toy can effectively encourage cats to play independently and stimulate their instincts. We can also interact with them by pushing the balls around the tracks to attract their attention.

Tower of tracks
Tower of tracks is a good toy for cats.

2nd Cats toy: Catnip-filled soft toys

Cats feel sensitive on catnip-filled products, they may have various behaviors on that such as eating it or rolling in it. It is perfectly safe for cats. However, some research shows that cats develop their sensitivity to catnip only after 6 months of age. 

Cats are sensitive to catnip-filled soft toys
Cats are sensitive to catnip-filled soft toys, different cats have different responses towards it.

3rd Cats toy: Scratchers 

Scratching is one of the cats’ instincts, such usual behavior helps them to remove the outer layers of their claws. It’s also a good toy to avoid your furniture or carpet being scratched. Besides, you can find various shapes of scratchers in the pet store, choose the suitable size and shape and bring back home! Sometimes, scratcher is also a good place for cats to take a nap.

Scratchers for cat
Playing scratchers can practice cats’ claws.

Instead of buying toys in the stores, let’s try to save money by creating toys for your cats by yourselves.  Show your creativity and many things around you can be her favourite toy. For instance, playing ping-pong with cats would be a good choice. Throwing out the ball and letting them chase it can help them to release their energy much.


Cats are playful. So it is important for us to buy “Safe” toys for them, avoiding them to ingest strings, clips or plastic such tiny things. No rigid toys for them is also a warm reminder to all of you. 

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