#5 Things That Cats Love to Do

#5 Things That Cats Love to Do

Author: Daniel

Do you find your cats ignoring you most of the time? Do you feel frustrated when you can’t please your “master”? To win back the love of your cat, you first need to know what they like. Want to know more? Let’s scroll down and discover 5 “Kitty Likes” to explore your cat’s world.


#1: Cats love drinking running water

Cats love drinking running water
Dropping water is more attractive to cats.

The reason that cats love drinking running water is that cats are aware of the bacteria and microbes in stagnant water. They will intrinsically feel insecure about drinking it. Indeed, when you observe the cats’ behavior carefully, they tend to drink the cool water from the running faucet. Let’s try to buy cat-using drinking fountains that provide fresh water for them.


#2: Cats love scratching 

Cats love scratching 
Let’s but a scratcher board for cats to play.

Do you feel a headache when the cats are scratching your furniture? Scratching is one of their instinctual behaviors, it helps to sharpen their claws. Likely, people like stretching their muscles when they feel tired. Scratching is a way for cats to relax. Buying a scratching post for them as a toy would be a good suggestion.

#3: Cats love sleeping

Cats love sleeping
When cats are sleeping, remember not to disturb them!!!

As a nocturnal animal, snoozing in most of the daytime is not a surprising matter. In fact, some researchers stated that cats sleep 13-16 hours on average in a day. Here’s a little advice, bothering them when they are sleeping may make them feel stressed, so please not to do it. No one wants to be disturbed during a nice nap in a cozy place. 

#4: Cats love playing

Cats love playing
Cats like to play with you!!!

Playtime is a vital part for cats’ health and development. Cats love to play with you or any object that they considered as toys. Anything that made from lint and string is their favorite toy too. Besides, interacting with cats can also entertain them a lot. Spending time to play with the cats is enjoyable as well as keeping them exercised and engaged.  


#5: Cats love their humans 

Cats love their human

Cats enjoy spending time with their family. We should show our greatest love and attention to cats. Cats used to convey the message of ‘love’ through action. For example, purring, bunting, licking and sleeping beside you are some significant signs to show their love to you. 


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